Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Race Heats Up Early

well, just one day of op-ed pieces [one and two] helps show the challenges ahead for each of the "major-party candidates" running this year to be elected president of the republic.

Senator Obama must avoid Creeping Carter-itis. I don't refer to the sanctimonious ex-Prez's current condition; I refer to his campaign/candidacy/presidency.
The young senator from Illinois has to avoid a campaign that, through inadvertent rhetorical flourish or genuine attempt at change, becomes wed to the idea that it can avoid politics, or transcend the messy, inconsistent business of . . . people. It can't be overly fearful of appearing hypocritical or impious when challenged on the intersection of the campaign's lofty goals and the business of electing presidents. Nor can it develop a genuine disdain for "washington" and politics, convinced of its own superiority -- if elected with that disdain intact, that's a recipe for difficulty. Some solutions for avoiding this problem, at least in the short run, are being offered.

Senator McCain must, in turn, avoid appearing in public wearing a brown shirt. The old senator from Arizona has to avoid a campaign that allows the armband 'neath his coat to peek through. And he has to avoid growing a funny little moustache 'neath his nose. Having successfully crafted laws successfully telling citizens when, how and where they can disseminate their political ideas, and promising jail time to people who speak about politics at a time McCain deems inadvisable, he takes on that pesky writ of habeas corpus. A writ so shocking to the conscience that the Straight-Talk Express will mow it down.

As the op-ed writer correctly notes, the issues presented by the recent Supreme Court decision on Gitmo Detainees' rights and the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 are not simple, and reasonable people of good will can disagree on the outcome; the case presents questions not just of the treatment of prisoners, but the competing roles of the three branches of government, and the mundane legal issues of exhaustion of remedies.
And mundane issues are only mundane until you're one of the millions of people affected annually by those issues in your own lives. But I digress, as this isn't about the Supreme Court's decision. It's about Der Fuhr . . . the Senator's response to the decision.
The Senator doesn't think that the issue is one where reasonable minds could differ. That whacky maverick has the view that people who disagree should be sho. . . are venal and evil and wrong. This apparently isn't an isolated case, of course. He seems to think that a LOT. So his campaign must make sure that we don't see who he is.

This should be loads of fun.

PS Don't worry; I'll be saving up all my "pro-McCain" thoughts for inclusion in a later post.

So far, I had settled on "snappy dresser" and "heroic prisoner" as the only two I could think of.

If those are good enough to be president, I know just who we need for our president!

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Mister Parker said...

This is what I was trying to say earlier, more or less:

There was an op-ed piece in the Washington Post today pointing out that if John McCain gets his stated wish to appoint more judges like Scalia to the Supreme Court, one of their likely rulings will be to declare McCain-Feingold unconstitutional.

The piece also pointed out that while McCain says the Supreme Court decision in the Guantanamo case was one of the worst in history (we'll skip the hyperbole for the moment), he has also promised to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay on his first day in office and transfer all the detainees to Leavenworth -- where they will be guaranteed all the due process protections he found so objectional in the Court's decision.

Now maybe McCain really is ignorant and uninformed (he's a politician, afterall), but he's also certainly talking out of both sides of his mouth, one side of which is making promises to the right-wing of the Republican party (to appoint Scalia-like judges) that he'll likely have to carry out.

Which you can take any way you want. As always, I make no recommendations regarding politics or religion, and I like to keep my opinions to myself ...

Sigmund Freud said...


Now maybe McCain really is ignorant and uninformed (he's a politician, afterall), but he's also certainly talking out of both sides of his mouth

eight years ago, I would have thought ignorant and uninformed was just never going to be the case with a "major party candidate" or president.

And I still avoid descriptions like "dumb."

Willfully ignorant seems apt.

I long for the days when these guys were/are just lying sack-o'-shit weasels.

Mister Parker said...

Well, normally, I'd speculate he was talking out of both sides of his mouth to placate different, irreconcilable groups and hoping those groups were too ignorant to figure out he's promising mutually exclusive things, but when it comes to promising to appoint judges who will strike down what he regards as his principal legislative achievement, I have to wonder if he even understands that that's what he's promising. He's said in the past he really doesn't know much about domestic issues -- maybe he wasn't being humble, maybe he was telling the God's honest truth.

Mister Parker said...

As for his plan to move detainees to Levenworth, maybe I misunderstood. Maybe he intends to move them to Twelveworth. Or even give them five and ten in Woolworth ...

tomanonymous said...

"Ladies and geltlemen on the jury, [McCain] may look like an idiot and sound like an idiot, but don't let that fool you, he really is an idiot."

But at least he's not an angry radical baptist/secret muslim/Jimmy Carter clone ;-)