Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Presidential Race

Thirteen months ago [early May of 2007 was a long time ago], I posted this:

Since you guys are offering up some gut responses to some of these cats, these are my ISSUELESS responses to these characters.

10 being the love I feel for Liz Phair's body, 0 being abject hatred, beyond even that directed at Tracy Henderson at his worst moments. . . .

Joe Biden 7
Sam Brownback 1
Hillary Clinton 3
Chris Dodd 5
john Edwards 3
Jim Gilmore 3
Rudy Giuliani 6
Mike Gravel 1
Mike Huckabee 6
Duncan Hunter 4
Dennis Kucinich 4
John McCain 1
Barack Obama 6
Ron Paul 5
Bill Richardson 7
Mitt Romney 1
Tom Tancredo 4
Fred Thompson 5
Tommy Thompson. 6


Sam Brownback
Hillary Clinton

john Edwards
Jim Gilmore
Rudy Giuliani
Mike Gravel

Dennis Kucinich
John McCain

Mitt Romney
Tom Tancredo

Having now done that, I'll see where my gut matches my brain most or least closely.

it seems that with Brownback, Gravel, McCain, and Romney, my gut and my brain match -- I can't stand these guys, and my brain has at least one major, dispositive objection to each [I'll spare you the details].

With Gilmore, Edwards, and Clinton, my gut doesn't respond so poorly, but my brain quickly roils with anger or incredulity, or both, about at least one dispositive issue.

With Giuliani, Kucinich, and Tancredo, my lizard brain seems to go for them, at least slightly, while my more evolved dodo brain seems to roil with anger, incredulity, or both, about at least one dispositive issue.
My, how long ago that all seems.

I also predicted, about ten months ago, that neither McCain nor Clinton would be the nominee of their respective parties.

I enjoy trying to put myself in the "issueless" frame of mind; disregarding where each candidate stands on things.

I suspect that that's our natural state, and then we layer rationalizing intellectual bullshit on top on those occasions where our issueless response runs up against trouble.

Ac ouple o' these cats were and are born shitbags, and nothin' gonna change that.

There are candidates I swore I'd never vote for who, surprisingly, I'll never vote for.

I look at all of this and think: Jesus wept.

I can't believe I'd say that in front of an atheist.

Nothing in this message should be viewed as an endorsement of a candidate or party, or is intended to sway voters in any regard.


Juvenile Buffoon said...

You're voting for Bob Barr, aren't you?

Mister Parker said...

>> Ac ouple o' these cats were and are born shitbags, and nothin' gonna change that.<<

A couple, Otis?

The notion that only a couple of people on that list are born shitbags is one of the most optimistic, if not dangerously naive and misguided, statements you've ever made ...

They're ALL shitbags, son, and don't forget it! You're just hoping that once in a while their ruthless pursuit of narrow self-interest fortuitously dovetails with what's best for the nation ...

Thomas Paine said...

I have long been committed [well, if by "long" you mean after Joe Biden dropped out] to my candidate. My commitment will not waver.

I will, though, vote for Bob Barr a thousand times before voting for some cats.