Friday, June 13, 2008

I had an interesting conversation with jestaplero this morning [by telephone], where I was again reminded that online commentary is a poor substitute for conversation, and doesn't do all we think it does to illuminate, illustrate, or educate.

He and I had a lengthy online discussion. We continue not to see eye-to-eye at all; in fact, I think we might be farther apart, having confirmed that each thinks and says what we only suspected in our online. What's entertaining is that I think we each were relatively certain that what we were saying was kinda straightforward, was not rocket science, and wasn't too subject to dispute. Boy were we wrong.

But it, followed by our conversation today, reminded me that people who are good friends can share values, but see the world and issues through entirely different eyes. I thought it ended up being related to Phil Spector, baseball, and god knows what else.

It was a discussion of evolution, and an editorial that lightly slapped doubters who went after the theory of evolution. Our respective "arguments" are kind of inconsequential: both Jestaplero and I believe that evolution is ongoing, has guided life since time immemorial [and well more than 4, 212 years, or whatever Jesu's hardcores are currently advocating], and is scientifically undisputed. As so many of the things I get involved in are [I suspect he is there too, but I wouldn't know], it boiled down to words and language.

But what I found more interesting after talking today -- but that intellectually is no surprise -- is that our shared values are only applied through the funnels of our interests and approaches to life and people and stuff. He was interested, I think, in the efficacy of an editorial in rebutting creationists; I was interested, I think, in the construct of the editorial, without regard to its affect on its presumed audience.

Which is no great shakes; as I said, I'm just keenly aware, and "reinterested" now [after lengthy comment sessions and blog hijacking], in how quickly we race to talk about essentially two things thinking they're one, and how hastily-typed "clever" or "accurate" comments may be flying by like two shits in the night.

I had to go somewhere with this, but I am on a borrowed computer, and hadn't the stomach to conclude my inchoate ideas.

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