Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Didn't Know Where I Was At First . . .

please click to enlarge


Little Johnny Jewel said...

Is she playing a Yamaha?

Kill me now.

l'il jimmy watson said...

I saw her play:
(1) her Duo-Sonic [you can see more detail by going here];
a Les Paul GoldTop; and
(3) a candy-apple Fender Mustang.

Never saw a Yamaha.

Could the angle o' the headstock in the bottom pic suggest a Yamah? I'm pretty sure that was the DuoSonic.

l'il jimmy watson said...

Wait; you're right. Her "beloved" Dup-Sonic had a maplewood fretboard, and she's definitely playing something with maple.

Again, though -- I didn't see a Yamaha. Could this be the mustang, with a weird photo angle on the headstock?

Wait; I was there. I should be definitive.

But I'm not.

Or am I?

Little Johnny Jewel said...

looks like she has an endorsement deal

Little Johnny Jewel said...

or it could be the light and some blokes head in the way

Sigmund Freud said...

I followed my own advice ["click to enlarge"], and then went to my original jpeg from the show.

Another thing is clear -- it sure ain't a red mustang.

It's good to know that Kristian Boots Ottestad* has an endorsement deal with Yamaha . . .