Thursday, June 12, 2008

From Rumblings and Thunder Come Lightning, Light, and green, green grass

So while JestaSharplero and I have been sniping at each other about Phil Spector records [unbeknownst to any of you, and center-screen to us in the midst], befuddled by our respective views and positions, I thought we'd stumbled on a topic that actually interests me, if only I can figger out a way to express or inquire. It has to do with apparent inconsistencies. Jestaplero expressed confidence that, based on my stated enjoyment of certain records, I would be presumed to like other records.

Leaving aside whether he misapprehended what I actually like, I realized that there are some places where I, too, am confused where I don't like something that I would expect to.

I like Plastic Ono Band a ton, but can't abide McCartney. Both are simple, and simply recorded rock records, and I think Macca is trying to get down to his nub in ways like his erstwhile mate. Neverthess, I like one, not t'other.

Yet I likely prefer Venus and Mars to Walls and Bridges. Which also makes no sense to me.

I like T. Rex and Gary Glitter and John Lennon, but I can't abide most David Bowie music. By "most" I mean "almost all." I like Alice Cooper, but can't abide the Doors and can't really enjoy the Stooges.

Whassup with all of that?

DO you find you have your own patent inconsistencies? They're all matters of taste, but do you find yourself really swingin wildly, and at a loss to put your finger on why? What would those things be?


Mister Parker said...

As a movie buff, I have never really understood why "E.T -- The Extra-Terrestrial" and "Almost Famous" have from the beginning and on repeated viewings failed to move me. With regard to the former, I love Spielberg, family movies, science fiction, three-hanky tear-jerkers and sentimental confections -- and yet "E.T." bores me, even the first time I saw it in the theater. You'd think somebody who worships The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and A Little Princess would at least find E.T. tolerable. But no.

As for "Almost Famous," I admit I've been less of a Cameron Crowe fan, but I came of age in the 70s, know the music from the movie, was a reporter in college, have many friends in the music business (including Nashville-based country music people who are on the road 300 days a year) and I'm a fan of Francis McDormand and Philip Seymour Hoffman. This movie is right in my wheelhouse. But it does nothing for me.

I blame some unexamined facet of my psyche that is repelled by some undetected aspect of these movies.

TourqueYMada said...

I blame some unexamined facet of my psyche that is repelled by some undetected aspect of these movies.

It could just be that you don't like Phil Spector music.
Predicting is understandable. But where things go off the prediction, it's not always easy to know why.
You can usually pick up on the "why" -- "I like punky stuff, but I don't like that singer" or "I like action movies, but I don't like [action star's name here] But sometimes, that's not easy.

Like you, for instance: I would'a predicted, based on things you've told me, that you would like and marry a smart and sassy redhead.

How you ended up with a raven-haired Japanese nun, I'll never understand.

Perhaps she is jangly and overwrought.

Juvenile Buffoon said...

Van Morrison. I like people who worked with him (The Band) and people who often sound like him (Graham Parker, Thin Lizzy, Springsteen), and I share musical tastes with people who really like him. I gave Astral Weeks a real try, but I couldn't get into it.

To a lesser extent I don't get as excited about Lou Reed and Richard Thompson as a lot of my peers seem to.

A lot of perfectly respectable people I know also love Stephen Merritt, The Doors and the Grateful Dead but I can't stand them - but that doesn't surprise me as much.

TourqueYMada said...

joovbuff and perkyparker offer some good ones. I'm struck by my own Plastic Ono Band v. McCartney, Walls and Bridges v. Venus and Mars because they're really close [in time and a bunch of other stuff], and they still just fall to different places.

On Van Morrison -- while I know I should dig him, I find that I prefer the lead singer to Counting Crows [who strikes me as a dead ringer soundalike on many songs] to Morrison. One of those "indefensible" results that I don't need to defend, but which entertains me when I stop to think about it.

I've never heard the original 1,2 Brown Eyes by Van Morrison, so it might be good.

Didn't he do that one? Judges? The candy bar?

The Jestaplero said...

Guess he peaked early...

Mister Parker said...

Another thing I don't get is two-time Oscar winner Gary Cooper. I mean, I like Tom Selleck and Kevin Costner, who between them have less range as actors that my dining room furniture, but in Gary Cooper, this same lack of talent really bugs me.