Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clown Guitar


Tomanonymous said...

Three quarters of a Million $ + clown guitar, bubba - and that's without celebrity ownership taken into account. One of only three ever known to have been made between 1958-1960. John McEnroe owns one (if he hasn't sold it for food), a right handed collector the third.

It backs up the theory that even the most sublte sunburst may have started out as a clownburst before the red dye they used at the time faded.

A very pretty girl said...

They only made three Paul McCartney's and John McEnroe owns one?

Sir George Martin said...

I'm sorry. Perhaps there was a punctuation error. A missing full-stop, perhaps.

The better caption:

Clown. Guitar.


Who is the pretty girl? Wanna make an old record producer happy?

Tomanonymous said...

I believe left-handed was a custom order for a Les Paul in those days, so they are rarer than the hen's teeth.

There aren't too many lefty (left-handed, not pinko) wanna-be guitar players that have the f*ck you scratch to afford one. McCartney did not acquire his in the 'good ol' days' before everyone knew what an original sunburst Les Paul was worth.

For example, legend has it that Rick Nielsen's was purchased in '65for $50, Mike Bloomfield got his in a trade for his '56 goldtop and $100, sometime before appearing at the Monterey Pop Festival in '67. I remember when they were selling for the 'insane' price of $10K in the '70s.

The Jestaplero said...

I hate this clownburst bullshit. What 40-year old virgin genius started that crap?

That's a perfectly legit guitar finish. Please.

Tomanonymous said...

....if by 'legit' you mena 'totally crappy and looks like it was painted by a drunken chimp with a paitbrush, so long ans the chimp in question was from Kalamazoo', then I totally agree.

It would look a lot better if he left it in the sun for a couple of days. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen too often in the UK.

Tomanonymous said...

FYI, For contrast:


No clowns here (except maybe the last couple)