Tuesday, May 13, 2008

'Lizbeth, I'm Comin' to Join 'Ya!

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This just received from mister watson, who was instrumental in getting this blog started, and who remains an inspiration through his myriad failures and struggles:

please let mule tasters know that rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated. Those who know that I've recently reopened health inquiries can also know that I'm chock full o' good news. The good news? I'm a model patient according to the ol' cardiologist doctor. The slow, steady fitness campaign has paid off with the good weight*, the low cholesterol, the low blood pressure. I've been a faithful medicine-taker [some would suggest that if I'd just "taken my medicine" earlier in life, I'd be okie-dokie; maybe even sitting pretty. But I digress . . . ]. All to the good. The lone bad news -- the myocardial bridge that, combined with migraine-like vascular constriction, long ago brought on my ol' heart problems, is -- of course -- still there [it was there long before I was born, and wishing it away has so far failed]. In an ironic twist, my work on being a fit, healthy young boy is, if anything, making it a little worse ( I didn't do the long-term work '98-'05 that mighta led to some ancillary arterial help, and now have increased my myocardial contracting ability without also increasing my exo-arterial assistance, for you techno-weenies out there). *well, good weight for a fat man. I mean, it's all relative . . . . So for those of you who have had to suffer through my Fred Sanford moments lately, they'll probably stick around a bit. Thanks to all the well-wishers. See ya in the funny papers!

I'll offer more here on the Mule as it becomes available. Typical whining Watson looking for attention . . . . razzuh frazzuh . . .

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lupner said...

Friends of Mister Watson certainly appreciate the update, not to mention the fact that Mister Watson takes better care of himself than Mister Sandford did. The news about the bridge thingy bites, however. Anything that can be done to make it unworsen a bit? Less aerobic activity, more pilates . . . ?