Friday, May 30, 2008

I Don't See a Problem

* The Nats offense is last in the majors in average (.233), last in slugging percentage (.354), 28th in OBP (.310), and tied for 23rd in home runs (39).

* They've hit just four triples all year.

* Yesterday, they scored one run and struck out seven times against Wil Ledezma, who hadn't won a game all season.

* In their previous 16 games, the Nationals have had averages (compiled just from that given game) of .121, .156, .195, .107, .143, .138, and .194.

* Since May 13, the Nats OBP is .290.

* Also since May 13, they are striking out once every 5.09 plate appearances.

* In 111 at bats, Wily Mo Pena has five extra base hits.

--from Nationals Journal [see links to your right]

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