Thursday, May 8, 2008

How Do You Think He Did With The Ladies, No. 8

Errol Flynn

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lupner said...

Always loved him in 'The Adventures of Robin Hood'. I'm a fool for a dashing happy-go-lucky swashbuckler. But did not tend to find him attractive in other types of roles.

Mister Parker said...

I also thought he did some fine work in The Sun Also Rises, a late role. But then again, he's cast as an aging, dissolute, alcoholic playboy, so perhaps he had a fundamental understanding of the character.

Interestingly, James Cagney was originally cast in the title role in The Adventures of Robin Hood and they actually shot a couple of weeks worth of footage before Cagney decided it wasn't working out. Now, I happen to think Cagney was the Robert De Niro of his day, except with more talent, and he was terrific in Yankee Doodle Dandy, but I cannot imagine what the studio was thinking when they cast him as Robin Hood. Aside from the fact that Errol Flynn might be the only man EVER who could wear tights and not seem ridiculous, I don't think Cagney would have (or could have) conveyed the gleeful insouciance that the part required. I mean, think about that scene where Flynn tosses the dead buck on King John's table and then leans back in his chair as he eyes the guards closing in around him. He's clearly thinking, "Hmm, twenty-against-one. This looks like FUN!" And that's the quality -- fun -- that makes the movie such a classic.

Also, it helps that Errol Flynn was tall. A short, stocky Robin Hood with a New York accent -- I don't think so.

Thomas Paine said...

A short, stocky Robin Hood with a New York accent -- I don't think so.

Fuck that -- I've seen the trailer: "Don Rickles stars as Robin Hood!"

lupner said...

James Cagney had it goin' on from this female perspective, plus he was a great actor. But as Robin Hood -- not so much. Lordy. That is fascinating, in a car wreck kind of way.