Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great bands of the 1970s

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So the 1970s produced two great bands -- The Sex Pistols and the Ramones -- and one really good one
-- Cheap Trick.

Have I missed any?

I'm not counting the attractions


Mister Parker said...

Don't forget ABBA ...

tomanonymous said...

CT merely 'really good'? You gotta respect the output. Nearly-great at least.

I might throw in Black Sabbath, but their first album was actually recorded in '69, even though it was released in '70. They were at least to metal what the Ramones were to punk rock. They too were a little too dumb to sustain things after four albums or so, but kept plugging away anyway.

The Razz's entire career occurred in the '70s as well, although their greatness is largely anecdotal, having been poorly documented. I remember them rocking mightily, which few did (besides the aforementioned).

Oh, and the Knack........;-)

TourqueYMada said...

Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper were expressly excluded for this reason. And, while Black Sabbath were seminal, I couldn't have included them in any event.

I will revisit (the) Razz. . . .