Tuesday, April 15, 2008

presidential politics

Well, it looks like we're getting down to nut-cutting time.

Our major-party presidential
nominees will be decided pretty soon.

I'm struck by how unlikely it is that their policy stances will ultimately matter, or at least matter greatly. I can think of one and one-half presidents in my lifetime whose policy positions going into the presidency were, in the end, of any great consequence in determining their effect on the country.

Ultimately, it is all about character. The comfort, or discomfort, that you feel with a particular candidate is something that you should lock in. Listen to your heart. Your "heart" is probably a better decider than your head.

Since I have no known correspondents in Pennsylvania, Indiana, or Puerto Rico, and only a couple in North Carolina, any readers are likely to no longer have much of a choice -- you'll be deciding between two people. I urge you to get past your issues, your party labels, and your thoughts, and listen to your guts.

I think I know whom among the major-party candidates I feel would have been the best president. But even there, while I trust the feeling more than the thinking, there really isn't much predicting involved.

Which of these fellows or woman gets you revved up?

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