Sunday, April 6, 2008


Don't forget that Monday night, at the Austin Grill in downtown [TownCenter] SILVER SPRING MARYLAND will be a musical benefit for Bowen McCauley Dance.

All you have to do is eat food and drink beverages, and watch FREE music, and BMD benefits. Austin Grill gives them money if you eat or drink.

The Crowd Scene will perform. They might even debut some new material from their upcoming longplayer With Complete Glossary for Squares. IF you're nice.

The Atomic Music House Band will play a set. I've heard they're excellent, and nice guys to boot.

Finally, Hubbell, McCauley, Rogers, and Watson will perform a set. Their band name has changed more often than Watson has changed wives, so stick with "those old guys" to make sure people know who you're talking about.

Original tunes, a live debut of a new song, and some tasty covers. Director of the 39 Steps is represented.

Please come out if you're not seeing a ballgame or banging Dana Delaney. . .

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