Monday, April 21, 2008

McCain is the One

Ya gotta love a presidential candidate who makes the noteworthy, straightfaced claim that he's fine because "no punches were thrown or anything."

The kind of adult thinking that distinguishes the mature from the young upstart whippersnappers. . . . .

jokes aside, I am reminded of reading Miles Davis's autobiography, which was helped along by a young co-author. The co-author lauded Miles in an afterword, starkly holding Miles out as a special man because he so "honestly" discussed what an asshole and cocksucker he had been at various times. Senator McCain's writings about his temper and behaviour strike me the same way; while he does pay necessary lip service to how his temper and behaviour are "wrong," he seems to revel in the ill behaviour that he acknowledges should not be tolerated.

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The Jestaplero said...

Yeah, but the temper thing doesn't bother me half as much as he doesn't seem to have a fucking clue about what's going on in the Persian Gulf. Four times he said Iran was training Al Qaeda until Joe Fucking Lieberman had to set him straight.