Wednesday, April 2, 2008

in case you missed it, the boys will be gathering at the Silver Spring Austin Grill on Monday night APRIL 7 to play some music.

The music is intended to benefit Bowen McCauley Dance.

To benefit the dance company, all you gotta do is. . . . show up.

Well, show up and eat or drink. 'Cause the good folks at Austin Grill will just up and give some of their hard-earned money from the food or beverage sale. Just give it away.

songs written by the muleboy, tomanonymous, george harrison, and Toronto/Oakland pitcher Dave Stewart will be performed. Some world premieres. Some butchered Hitchcock [do you know me, Hitch?]. Like Nascar, you too can show up to see the crash. Someone might be burned alive.

The Crowd Scene will kick things off musically. They will not be crashing. They have a new record coming out. I bet some tunes from it get performed. Tom and I will have an arm-wrestling match to see which of us gets to drum fro the Crowd Scene. Grahame will officiate by shooting both of us. Or himself.

Anne will leave when she hears TomandI are even joking about it.

The dancers will not be nude.

I will not stare at them.

It will be perfect.

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