Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gig Alerrrrrt

My band, Chins-a-Poppin, will be playing a set with the Crowd Scene on July 19 [a Saturday Night] at Freddy's in Brooklyn.
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Freddy's Bar and Backroom has been described as "ONE OF N.Y.'s 10 BEST DIVE BARS" and the rock there flows hot and heavy.

We'll be debuting a couple of new songs, so I hope that y'all can make it there.

Don't say I didn't warn 'ya!


Little Johnny Jewel said...

CS just booked a gig on July 14th at the Hut, with Matt Keating.

Ladies and Gentlemen, check your watches: I'm calling it a tour.

Sir George Martin said...

Hmmmm; I couldn't have picked a worse date to assign to my fictitious gig . . . .


Glad about the 14th, though.

Little Johnny Jewel said...

Surely ficticiously booking us at Freddy's on July 14th would have been worse.
Ficticiously double booking dates makes you theoretically unpopular with notional promoters.

Notwithstanding all this, I'm still going to Cafe Press up some tour merch.

Sir George Martin said...

If we can swing child-watching two weekends in a row, I don't see WHY we can't now strong-arm the Brooklyn boys into coming through for us.

Jaimie will be in Europe, so we'll likely need to enlist Lucy's aid. Between Lucy, Rogerian children, and the good Lord above,

maybe we can't lose.

You're on!!

Blog Pimp said...

i kid, of course.