Thursday, March 13, 2008

TV Fans, Welcome Hulu

Well, Hulu debuts today. And I'm kinda ready.

When NBC yanked its shows from iTunes, industry types speculated that they intended to band with others and somehow compete.

Hulu is where they're doing it.

I told you about oms of the programming in one of last month's posts -- some Alfred Hitchcock ["do you know me, Hitch?"] Presents, some Arrested Development, some House, some Simpsons, some Heroes.

One thing -- these TV shows and movies are FREE.

More news as it develops. And a review is upcoming.

Or, to use the verb: A review upcomes.

[I wanted to be linguistically proactive. . . ]

PS Did I mention 13 episodes of It Takes a Thief? Or 22 episodes of WKRP In Cincinnati? Or The Tick? Or Lost In Space?



Mister Parker said...

Hey, don't forget "Nanny and the Professor" ...

Mario Cuomo said...

Forget it?!?!

Hell, I pay $4,300 an hour just to play it!

tomanonymous said...

If I can't convert it to an MP4, it's useless to me. Nobody in my house is going to let me tie up one of the computers to watch TV.