Thursday, March 20, 2008

The photo shoot for Jestaplero's I Can Explain Everything record entailed carting about $2,800 worth o' photo gear to a glorious, secret Brooklyn location.

A medium-format SLR, a medium-format TLR, tripods galore [well, one of those broke. So we BOUGHT tripods galore . . . . .]. A lotta decent stuff.

To protect ourselves, and for fun, I grabed about nineteen shots with a Canon SD10 point-and-shoot digital. One of the first "shirt-pocket" cameras, and [to this day] one of the smallest; they've expanded features, but haven't really shrunk the bastards.

I guess we know which camera obtained the cover image, don't we?

I bought a replacement / backup for $8. $5 shipping and handling.

The universe is coming to an end.

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