Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Childhood

Click and enlarge, my friends, click and enlarge.

This is where, and how, I grew up.

The minute I saw this, I wasn't drawn to it as spectacular, but as familiar.
Okay, not the elephant in the street, although that was not unheard of. But the busy street, good-natured whores sitting and chatting up passersby, right next to mean, grizzled veteran hucksters.

The hookers outnumbered the hucksters, and were treated as much more legitimate -- hucksters were bad for the overall business of attracting foreign money.

It is a little different, in that there seems to be an even greater concentration of "the action" in this shot, and a greater percentage of farangs [aliens, foreigners]. At least those are the differences I see remembering it thirty-five years down the road. . . .

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