Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Spitzer Fallout

I guess that's an unfortunate title, all things considered . . .

Anyway, I loved Gene Weingarten's observation in today's WaPo online chat. In arguing for a Constitutional Amendment that no politician accused of any sexual misdeed be allowed to drag the spouse to the press conference, he observed:

You know, the Brits do this sexual humiliation thing much better; much less pain all around. Their perverted members of parliament tend to be found dead, hanging in a closet, wearing only thong panties and a rubber bustier, with a herring in their mouths.

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Little Johnny Jewel said...

it wasn't a herring


Donald J. Rickles said...

I knew that the CBGB-bred LJJ would be shedding some light on the subject!

Orange Segment -- the name of a high-dollar, and high-value, call girl if ever I heard one!