Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Stumped

Can anybody help me out here?
Sir Paul McCartney will award £24.3 million to estranged wife Heather Mills after their protracted divorce settlement reached a conclusion today (March 17).

Wow. I don't understand.

I didn't really have her pegged

as the kinda gal who would

stick it to Sir Paul.

Of course, I'm surprised she recovered anything at all; I didn't think she had a l. . . . oh, never mind.

In the future, I'll try to skip the lame jokes.

In my defense, I had largely held off 'til now.


lupner said...

Okay . . . I just looked at this again and noticed the title. I love this blog.

I'm sorry, think she's a money-grubbing cow. Always thought so. Other than that, I'm sure she's just a lovely person.

lupner said...

Btw, should you be concerned that I missed appreciating the rest of your jabs, the pegging and sticking it etc. were awfully terribly funny as well . . there's just something about "I'm stumped" that particularly tickles me.

Just sayin'

Money grubber.

Little Johnny Jewel said...

by lucky chance, cameras were rolling the day Paul met Heather

lupner said...

Oh my, they were truly hilarious. Now I'll likely be spending the next hour watching You Tube videos of these two . . . Thank you for sharing, ljj.

Duke Forrest said...

I'm hopping mad that I didn't embed that video.

I could kick myself. . .

chick on a bandwagon said...

You're not going to stop, are you? This could go on longer than the infamous thread about the p-word.

Not that I'm suggesting it should. Somebody would have to put their foot down sooner or later.

Duke Forrest said...

your last comment really tripped me up -- I mean, have we beaten this thing to death? Should we

cut it off?

I guess *we* could just

skip it.

chicky chick said...

You should know better than to take anything a chick says literally, my friend. Esp. this one. Then again, you can't read too much into it . . . it's just that simple.

Just chattering away light-heartedly, joking . . . and perhaps trying to provoke some more humor at H's expense. C'est tout . . .

cc said...

Of course, what I really meant to say is . . . I didn't mean to step over the line . . .

Charles Hawtrey said...

I'm coming up empty.

I've stumbled.