Monday, March 10, 2008

Get Me Some Spitzer

On November 14, 2006, in a post entitled "Politicians I'd Like to Ball, No. 2," I posted this photo of SIlda Spitzer, wife of recently-elected Gov. of NY Eliot Spitzer.

It is one of the least attractive photos of her that I've seen.

Hubba hubba.

Not understanding Hugh Grant's disinclination to ball Elizabeth Hurley, and his decision to bang another for-hire-type woman, I similarly don't understand the governor's decision.

Except to say that all men want to bang all women, and the inclination to ball someone who is decidedly not your wife must be exceedingly strong.

Not that I would know . . . .


Reading back over this an hour later, two things occur to me: (1) I'm *not* actually gleefully endorsing running around on your wife; and (2) I feel sorry for Ms. Spitzer, no matter what her relationship with her husband, or their understanding of morality and fidelity. She is now dragged out in front of the world unnecessarily.

Which now makes me move to a third point -- these may be trivial, or important, matters of morality to the parties involved. But the criminal nature of the activity suddenly makes that moral issue a public issue. I don't know why it's criminal, or why it's public. Even if you fervently and passionately [near-redundancy alert!] believe in the wrong of prostitution, I wonder what rationale you can offer for its criminality.

[and this is patently distinct from human trafficking and slave labour, which is kidnapping and is distinct from prostitution]

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