Monday, March 17, 2008

Ejaculation in the Eye of the Beholder

A German study reveals that there is no statistical difference between the "ejaculation times" of men seeking treatment for premature ejaculation and a broader sample of "normal" men [whatever that means]. They both make the finish line in the same time; one set of men just feels that it was wrong and not long enough, while the other set thinks that it was way too fast.

Premature ejaculation - A study of average ejaculation time and overview of the literature. Aktuelle Urologie, 2001, Vol 32, Iss 7, pp 435-438. N Kreutzer, F Sommer, T Klotz, U Engelmann. Sommer F, Klinikum Univ Koln, Oberarzt Klin & Poliklin Urol, Joseph Stelzmann Str 9, D-50931 Cologne, GERMAN


Little Johnny Jewel said...

a. how the hell do you measure that?


ruth vestheimer said...

"The premature ejaculators went from start of intercourse to ejaculation in an average period of 2:32 minutes. The healthy volunteers had an average time of 3:01 minutes. The differences were not statistically significant."

Tell that to a gal-pal who needs 2:45 to get to ding-dong.

Jean Siskill said...

I have no idea what ljj refers to.

Why, I merely used "the finish line" as Junkies Lingo.