Monday, February 11, 2008

So many Thums, so little time

I would love to lament the sorry state of movie-making today, but I just can't.

We're in a great period for movie-making.

I say this in spite of the hollywood blockbuster, "big-studio" shit that is churned out, which is arguably the worst movie-making at any time in the history of the republic.

But I live in a metropolitan area with a few houses that play less-splashy movies.

What a great time.

Persepolis is a freakin' great movie. Entertaining, funny, tragic, touching, and eminently REAL. Brilliantly-acted.

by cartoon characters

In Bruges may have been oversold by critics, but it is damned funny, damned moving, damned touching, damned unpredictable. All of the actors are brilliant. The screenplay, as one might expect, is fabulous, and the first-time direction is . . . imho . . . nearly flawless.

Gee, The Savages is merely . . . . really, really good. The characters are just a bit too-cute, and unreal. Except that they're not -- they're as real as any of the funny, fucked-up people that you or I know, mixed in with the "normal" ones. And the theme [getting older] is . . . probably pretty universal, although I could be wrong about that. . . .

Geez, I don't know where to quit. Have we touched on
. . . .

there are so many left to see.

They share this trait -- real people [largely, anyway], in situations of stress or conflict, being funny and behaving . . . like real people in situations of stress or conflict.

Good drama. Good comedy. Good movies.

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