Sunday, January 20, 2008

Starlets That Gross Me Out, Man No. 2

Rebecca DeMornay

always has, always will


Little Johnny Jewel said...

agreed, not a fan.

who was no.1?

the dubster said...

There is no number one.

When The Intentions were supposed to release our first long-player, my erstwhile brother-in-law offered to put it out on his label -- a label that put out only computer programs. But he had experience with pressing plants, and he had The Money.

But the Intentions expressed our desire to "retain creative control," and we mainly wanted him for The Money.

He figured out that we wanted him for The Money, and suggested that we look for a bank, and not for him.

We felt we'd been screwed, and thus "Broken Promise" records was founded. But, seeing as how he had offered up Broken Promise number one, Inside Out was released as No. 2 [technically, LIE002].

Then, seeing as how we only wanted proper records, and didn't want any odd releases, Blindfold/Lied To Me came out as No. 4, and Out of the Shadows as No. 6, etc.

And I have maintained that convention even here.

You didn't really want or need this, did you? . . . .

Little Johnny Jewel said...