Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Soft Sell King

Well, I finally got to be the Soft Sell King; lord knows, I've been trying for years.

As I belatedly learned during the last tour of the Sex Pistols, the 9:30 -- like many or most other venues -- rewards confirmed frequent ticket-buyers by allowing them early access to concert tickets.

I learned this by paying an eBay scalper a TON of money for two Sex Pistols tickets. Which I later followed up by buying ten more at face value for my friends when they went on sale . . .

Well, I have subscribed to enough newsletters and participated in enough frum activities and kissed enough ass to ensure that I get "soft sell" access to a few shows.

When I ask friends if they want to attend any of these shows, they laugh at me -- it;s all the worst, shittiest bands.

But when yer daughter calls and says "I really want to see Sia, and she's got a 9:30 show listed on her website, but it's not on 9:30's site or on the ticket site" you wanna be able to swing into action.

Thankfully, there was a code to get Sia soft sell tix.

I was able to shoot the kid an e-mail with a .pdf attachment of two ducats, courtesy of Seth and me.

What's noteworthy is not that this happened, but that I would find it neat and want the whole world to clap me on the back for it.

I am one fucked-up knight. . . .


tomanonymous said...


Does she tell her band they're "too f***ing loud"?

¡barangus! said...

Wow. Sia looks a lot better than in the Gentry days. Is that Jimmy Barnett in the background?