Monday, January 28, 2008

Me and Benedict, Down By The Schoolyard

You may be shocked to learn that I disagree with the Pope.

At least on a few important topics, one being reverence for the scientific model -- which I would quickly define as drawing conclusions from verifiable, consistent, recurring, reproducible effects, occurrences, and observations. I think it is an amazingly effective way to view everything, and should only be questioned lightly.

Nevertheless, Bennie and I also agree on a few things: creationism is not inconsistent with evolution.

I don't believe in creationism, mind you, and my mind is probably as closed on the subject as the most fervent bible-thumper. But evolution itself seems to me to be consistent with creationism as it's broadly defined [it is, of course, not remotely consistent with a literal interpretation of the Bible, but that's another issue for another day]. I tend to rely on Occam's Razor to eliminate the big G-O-D, although I know that arguments recoonciling the two exist [some even argue that Occam's Razor supports the big G-O-D, but I digress. . . . . . . . . . .]

Anyway, since the Benedictine and I are on one page re: evolution, I'm thinking me and the Pope may hang out when he comes to Nats' Park. At least he can sit in Parksterberg's seats [a name I now lovingly use to describe section 241's fifth row beauties. . . ].

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