Monday, January 14, 2008

i visited the stadium yesterday. it's beautiful. there's nowhere to park.

The Muleboy passed along directions to JD's excellent, comprehensive look at development in and around Southeast Washington, an area that is seeing explosive growth [upward] and radical changes in certain areas. Being a fruit for the Nationals, my focus is on the stadium and what's going on in the neighbourhoods around it. On JD's excellent blog, JDLand, she reports on tons of team and city back-and-forth about stadium activities and parking issues. You gotta check it out.

I plan to try to get to capitol hill early, park m'vehicle, and hike my way down to'rds the park.

I fear that Carol B. will have a hard time coming to love the new digs. Not only did she, and does she, maintain an abiding fondness for RFK -- it is damned convenient for her to slip over to games. The new digs, shiny as they may be, will be a headache for her. And a headache for me. And a headache for many others.

But from my perch in the Scoreboard Pavilion, I intends to be a mindless cheerleader, mouthing whatever Stan tells me to mouth.

It's that or cry . . .

Oh; I've borrowed Capitol Punishments shot of Spanky saving his testicles for your enjoyment:


Carol B said...

Carol B (that would be me) is eager to find her plan for getting to and from the games. My first visit will, I think, be on April 11th. I'm thinking Metro is my only option, and before the season begins, I might make a couple of trial runs to perfect my progress. I will really miss my strolls to RFK, but like you, I'm getting more and more excited about the new stadium. Hoping you're well.

Scoreboard Scotty said...

I is well; I'm getting juiced about the upcoming doings in Southeast.

I almost went to the convention center saturday, and then again yesterday, to meet up with Manny, Jason, and Aaron Bleeping Boone. I talked myself out of it.

Metro may end up being my choice, as there is little Cap Hill parking on the south side [as opposed to the east]; I had forgotten that -- homeland s*curity has overcome such minor conveniences as parking.

Of course, the Green Line is eminently inconvenient for me, who now works out on the Orange Line.

Bitch bitch bitch.

I extend the same hope your way [that you're well].

I am emerging from my hibernation, and my funk, with newfound hope. Soon to be dashed, I's sure . . .