Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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I think Neville Brand was a crappy actor, but a helluva screen presence. . .


Mister Parker said...

He has a wonderful moment in "Tora! Tora! Tora!":

"You wanted confirmation, Captain? Take a look! There's your confirmation!"

If you know the movie at all, you know the scene.

He was also in That Darn Cat, Birdman of Alcatraz and had a memorable role in Stalag 17.

All hail, Neville Brand!

Jean Siskill said...

indeed, his performance in STalag 17 brings to mind my criticism that he cannot act. Watching him go from "ruminating" to "furious" in a nanosecond always makes my head spin.

ya know, the ratio of bad performance to nevertheless-good-movie may be higher in that movie than almost any other that I can recall.

Holden seems to me to give a "modern" film performance. a "post-Brando" performance, if you will. [hard to do in a nearly-pre-Brando era]. The same for the barracks rep, "Hoffy" [did you know that that actor, Richard Erdman, lives today, and I think still works. . . ]. The other guys give either stagey-y performances like they were playing to the back of a packed opera house, or just bad, pre-Brando movie acting. Or are just bad. Yet what doesn't work about that movie.

And screw Bellotoot's problem with Holden's farewell salute!

Jean Siskill said...

I should have strssed that I like Holden's performance. And I'm not a Holden guy. And by "what doesn't work about that movie" I meant "wow, does that movie work."

chick making an observation said...

For a second I thought he was Michael York with dyed hair.