Sunday, November 18, 2007

This weekend, I confirmed dislike for two things that I had suspected I didn't like. I do not like: Nights are Forever by England Dan and John Ford Coley and the State Theatre.

I was pretty sure about the song, but I'm now certain. And the theater is a dead lock, too.

I'm sad about the State. But when you go to a comedy show in a good mood, surrounded by god friends and good comedians -- and the comedians are hitting on all cylinders, and occasionally revving the engine -- and you still leave the venue with a bad vibe,
you can be pretty sure that you're not digging it.

I *know* . . . .


Little Johnny Jewel said...

I have to agree about the State.

That place makes the Birchmere seem like CBGB.

After hearing that throwaway Mr Birbiglia made about he himself having to wear a wristband, I'd bet the comedians think it blows too.

mister muleboy said...

That place makes the Birchmere seem like CBGB.


And I think you're right; Birbigilia and the second comedian [the "first feature"] both seemed . . . less than enchanted.

"Jesse's Girl. . . ."