Friday, November 2, 2007

RIP Paul -- He REALLY Heard Drop "Little Boy"

I found it amazing that General Tibbetts got his start dropping Baby Ruth candy bars, with parachutes, out of airplanes.

My father was in the South Pacific in early August, 1945 -- an Iwo Jima-invasion survivor who had to climb over bodies on that little rock, only to later go back and bury them. By August, his attention had turned to preparing to invade the Japanese mainland. I can only thank Tibbetts for mounting the Enola Gay and vastly improving my father's chances of survivial. But I don't envy him the life that followed -- by all accounts, his view of the results of Little Boy was crystal clear; I'm sure that it could never be erased. As he was quoted in the WaPo:
The city we had seen so clearly in the sunlight a few minutes before was now an ugly smudge.
That obituary can be found HERE. The New York Times also published an obituary.

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¡barangus! said...

My Dear 'Old Dad™ was in Burma in 1945 and was slated for the invasion force had Tibbetts not torched a city. So there was a very good chance he made it possible for me to be here as well.

I read that enough Purple Hearts were minted in '45 in anticipation of the invasion of Japan that they did not run out of the stock until, I believe, well after the Vietnam war.