Thursday, October 11, 2007


I very much enjoyed Peter Mehlman's short essay in this morning's Huffington Post. He succinctly describes my experiences and observations about "political discussions" over the last few years. It's not novel to criticize the oversaturation of information and opinion in the world, but I think he nails it. Since he describes perfectly a colleague of mine, despite never having met her.
You know, someone who reads "every column by [fill in name of an op-ed writer with an obvious bent]," but can't get through two paragraphs by someone on the other side. But my favourite part was his summary:

Instead, we spend our lives preparing for an argument we'll never have with a person we'll never meet whose opinions we could never change.

Oh, yeah; he also got off this accurate observation: Preaching to the choir is a deadening experience.

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Mister Parker said...

This is why God invented baseball, so we wouldn't have to talk politics.