Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Jestaplero Has Slept With Mary-Louise Parker

In 1991, the Jestaplero appeared in Trust,a film starring Martin Donovan.

Martin Donovan appeared in a number of episodes of Weeds, starring Mary-Louise Parker.

In my book, that's close enough.

Way to go, bub!


The Jestaplero said...

Um, I didn't appear in TRUST - but my band at the time recorded some tunes for the soundtrack.

I DID appear (extremely briefly) in Hartley's next film, SURVIVING DESIRE. Which starred Marty Donovan, so I guess your point stands.

Also, I did flirt heavily with the two female stars of TRUST, Adrienne Shelley and Edie Falco, at the SURVIVING DESIRE wrap party in Poughkeepsie. But I was married then, and nothing more came of it.

Edie Falco later became Edie Falco and Shelley later got murdered by a guy working renovations in her apartment building.

braindeficient said...

I'm not quite sure why I typed Trust, since I knew that MDonovan appeared in both, so I double-checked which featured your fine, fine performance [as the gritty young musician looking for love].

I had flatulence of the cerebrum . . .

The Jestaplero said...

Geez, you say YOU'RE brain deficient. I got this all wrong, and it's my own life.

I didn't flirt with Falco and Shelley at the S.D. wrap party. They weren't in that movie! I flirted with Mary Ward, the female lead in S.D., at that party.

I flirted with Shelley and Falco at the party after the TRUST premiere. Duh!

Anonymous said...

considering the company, we should forgive you your mistake.

the original poster may have also screwed up due to . . . that photo.

oh, to be a python.

wait; i am!

Zeppoleon said...