Wednesday, October 17, 2007

brain brain brain brain No. 6

so it occurs to me that living in a different universe, full of [sometimes benign] mental illness, makes certain discussions intellectually stimulating, but ultimately moot.
¡Barangus!© and I have frequently discussed Apple's preoccupation [some might say "fixation"] with equipping their latest integrated computers with glossy screens. We have opined that this . . . doesn't meet our needs.

My iMac came equipped with a glossy screen. ¡Barangus!© kindly and gently goaded me about it, wishing me well with something that I would like to avoid.

Jesus Christ, it will be twelve years before I ever remove the protective plastic coating they use for shipping; the screen could be made out of old Coke bottles and I'd never notice . . . .

My Peavy bass, circa 1980, DID have the plastic removed. Over five years ago.

I gave it to a fellow musician; no way I'd ever take it off. . . .

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