Sunday, September 9, 2007

Still slaving away.

** sheesh **

more soon; pictures can't be uploaded from here.


The Jestaplero said...

I'm not entirely convinced Mister W. didn't just move to San Juan.

That's how he would do it, too - tell everyone he was going down for the weekend and then just never come back.

They get Nationals games on the radio, so why not...?

Don Rickles said...

You, sir, are correct, sir.

Not that I moved there, but in observing that that's how I'd do it.

Alas, I returned from PR last night, shortly before midnight.

Where I was met by the esteemed mister parker, who gave me a ride to my car.

Which, not coincidentally, was parked at his house.

He is a good man for letting me save bucks at his house, and for arising well before dawn to drive me from his home to the airport, and staying up well-past the Nats' unfortunate defeat in order to pick me up.

The radio I received there was WTWP [formerly WTOP], right here from ol' Washington. 1500 on yer AM dial, and damned if'n it don't sound good. Best received from the tip of la ciudad vieja [Old San Juan], right above the water. The nearby AM PR station [1490] doesn't bleed through there.

Not that I checked or anything. . . .