Tuesday, August 14, 2007

They Hail From Holland -- The MayBees

One month from today, the MayBees will release Drop Little Boy on Wampus Multimedia.

These labelmates of the Crowd Scene sound freakin' great to me; I'm waiting to hear whether the catchier songs that have really caught my attention outweight the edgier numbers. Either way, I'll be a happy little camper.

You can check out their groovin' little website by jumping over to those European shores from whence they hail.

Or you could just click on that little link I've provided.

I hear a distinct similarity between Gregory Orange's voice and the voice of another notable singer, but I don't want to influence anyone's views on these great folks.

Check it out; I'll be pushing the record when it's released, because I think that the MayBees are happening!

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