Thursday, August 30, 2007

R.I.P. Hilly Kristal

As I walked up the stairs into the Velvet Lounge on Saturday night, I felt like I was at home.

Some of the happiest, and certainly most seminal, moments of my life occurred in places just like the Velvet Lounge.

The Marble Bar, the Gentry, the Chancery, Benny's, Rockitz, Republic Gardens, Asylum, One Flight Up, and the old 9:30 . . . I could keep going.

Oh, yeah; CBGB.

I'm not old enough to know if anything equivalent came before it; I have a feeling that before CBs, there were art school happenings, and strange nights in converted spaces. I never made Max's Kansas City or the old Peppermint Lounge. And I never made the Keg. So I can't authoritatively state that CBGB started it all.

But I think CBGB started it all.

It's nice that the guy knew that a shithole should still have a great sound system.

And I don't care that most of its life was really a shelter for horrible metal bands from Long Island dragging in their friends, or that he only tossed $60 bucks to a band that had driven three days to play there -- they got to play there.


¡barangus! said...

It is incredible that i have no photos of my (then) skinny ass playing there at 1 in the AM on a Monday for a psychotic from Queens that drove in just to hear Bad Poetry. All I have is a bitchin board tape. Even the WNYU t-shirt faded away.

"you motha fukas wanna die?"

bigglesby said...

Don't you think it's important, though, to take some of the selections from the Board Tape [I can think of a couple of recommendeds] and set in a collection of still photos [and some odd consumer video footgae] to make a video or two? Don't you?

¡barangus! said...

Why sure Mr. Burns.

I recall that Gary went out and met one Lucy B. for drinks before the show. She declined to come see it as she had dance class early the next morning.

Sigmund Freud said...

I recall that Gary went out and met one Lucy B. for drinks before the show.

My memory is a bit dodgy -- did that keep him from attending the NYU radio interview?

Carl Jung said...

Yes. I was on the radio while he was carousing with my future spouse.