Monday, August 20, 2007

Let's Get the Strippers Off the Big Screen

You know, during this short life, I have spent a lot of time in strip bars. Well, a lot of time in "Exotic Dancing Establishments." I have known a few strippers; I knew one very well for a while.

My experiences have led me to despise the "strip bar" crutch in movies.

Every bad guy seems to do business out of a strip bar. Every confrontation between our over-burdened good guy and his nemesis the mob kingpin takes place in a strip bar. And, most importantly, some fleeting shots of a nude broad [well, I'll correct -- RARELY nude, but always topless] writhing around a pole can be squeezed in for no reason.

I love naked broads in movies -- trust me, I've never said I thought the nudity was gratuitous, and unnecessary, and I lament seeing that portion of the film.

But I have said Jeezus fucking Christ, drop this stupid convention. The nudity is boring and near-useless, and it makes the movie instantly hacked.

Unless the movie is about the travails of running a strip bar. In which case, it might be okay.

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Mister Parker said...

You know, if you edited this down to about twenty words, you could submit it to Roger Ebert as a "Movie Cliche." Because you are right.

Needs a snappy name, like "Fruit Cart!" so you can yell it at the screen ...